A trip across the country? Yes please!

First, a disclaimer. This post will be incredibly short, and even more simple.


Over the summer, a friend and I drove across the country. San Diego to St Augustine, FL. What started out as a simple straight shot across the south, quickly devolved into a flight path more in line with something resembling one of those hurricane spaghetti models.


wont get into the grimey details of how we drove an antique tank, tried the newest virtual reality technology, rafted the mighty Mississippi, went through death valley with the heater on full blast, used an actual road atlas to navigate... I'll save you from all of that (for now).

    The real reason I'm posting, is to let you know the fine people over at Creative Wave did a little mini interview with myself, about the journey. If you'd like to see a few more photos and a bit more of my rambles, check it out!



Saint Augustine Fashion Week

Just a few days back, St. Augustine's now annual Fashion Week was in full bloom. I was brought on by "St Augustine Scene" (http://www.staugustinescene.com/ ) to help cover the event in video, but with so many opportunities abound, it was impossible not to take a million stills.

Fantastic people, delicious food and drinks, all inside a now non-functional ginormous swimming pool. All around, an event I'm looking forward to for next year.

If there are any photos you would like to use, or share, or like a higher resolution version of, please comment below, or send an email. Thanks!

Disclaimer: My knowledge of fashion is far diminished by my knowledge of cameras and/or how to use them. Photos purely presented as photos.