Saint Augustine Fashion Week

Just a few days back, St. Augustine's now annual Fashion Week was in full bloom. I was brought on by "St Augustine Scene" ( ) to help cover the event in video, but with so many opportunities abound, it was impossible not to take a million stills.

Fantastic people, delicious food and drinks, all inside a now non-functional ginormous swimming pool. All around, an event I'm looking forward to for next year.

If there are any photos you would like to use, or share, or like a higher resolution version of, please comment below, or send an email. Thanks!

Disclaimer: My knowledge of fashion is far diminished by my knowledge of cameras and/or how to use them. Photos purely presented as photos.

Because there's nowhere better than under the sea...

I think there's a similar quote made by Disney.


Anywho, an update. Still working out and getting grips on underwater photography, the best of both worlds. Swimming, surfing, taking a nap... all great things, that are better viewed underwater. Glad to finally be able to bring a camera with me there. 

underwater pentax photography