Saint Augustine Fashion Week

Just a few days back, St. Augustine's now annual Fashion Week was in full bloom. I was brought on by "St Augustine Scene" ( ) to help cover the event in video, but with so many opportunities abound, it was impossible not to take a million stills.

Fantastic people, delicious food and drinks, all inside a now non-functional ginormous swimming pool. All around, an event I'm looking forward to for next year.

If there are any photos you would like to use, or share, or like a higher resolution version of, please comment below, or send an email. Thanks!

Disclaimer: My knowledge of fashion is far diminished by my knowledge of cameras and/or how to use them. Photos purely presented as photos.

Speaking of updates, Chantae McMillan made the ESPN Body Issue!

That's huge! An amazing accomplishment for an amazing athlete (and one of the nicest folk you can meet). In that sense, I'd been planning on reworking some of the shots of her from back in the day, but haven't had the chance/time. With such a momentous occasion, it seems high time to.

But not quite yet - though, I do have a few shots that haven't been posted elsewhere. Including this one.

chantae mcmillan florida

Back to the congrats, alongside her in the issue will be 

Gabrielle Reece, Laird Hamilton, Odell Beckham, Ali Krieger, Bryce Harper, Brittney Griner, Kevin Love, Aly Raisman, Jack Mewhort, Natalie Coughlin, DeAndre Jordan, Dallas Friday, Tyler Seguin, Leticia Bufoni, Stan Wawrinka, Sadena Parks, Anthony Castonzo, Chantae McMillan, Amanda Bingson, Todd Herremans, Paige Selenski, Jermaine Jones, Khatuna Lorig and Todd Clever.