Whetherman, a quick take.

xplanation mostly unneeded. Whetherman, aka Nicholas Williams, was kind enough to meet up during the busy weekend of Magnolia Fest - out at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak Florida.  
The goal was simple - meet up with the artist, one take, two cameras. Locations were always decided on the spot, with whoever was around as the audience. A tiny variable, allowing infinite possibilities.
I'd heard Whetherman perform many years ago, but unfortunately hadn't kept up with his music over the time. I recall the show being super fun - but rather different from his current iteration. To say the least, I was blown away to see/hear what he's evolved towards. Without making a music review - I leave you with a stripped down, simplified performance of his original "The Orchard" and a cover of Jackson Browne's "These Days".


Whetherman's website  ---> www.whetherman.net/

Videos shot for/as HYPE Music Festivals ---> hypemusicfestivals.com/

For more about Magnolia Fest --->  http://www.magnoliafest.com/

Justin Townes Earle and Cory Branan

At the Colonial Square.

A quick edit from tonight's (11/15/14) show with Cory Branan in downtown St. Augustine.

My favorite (misquoted) quote of the night:

"Play Townes Van Zandt!"  
"I had a rough time growing up, and the only person who made everything all right was my wife, so she's the only person who's allowed to make a request..."  "Play Townes Van Zandt!" "First of all, that's a person, not a song. Also, since I'm not playing for tips... No."  "Townes Van Zandt!" "Listen man, now you're just making yourself sound dumb. You need more words. Quit going in circles."  "Townes Van Zandt!"  

Anywho, great show, and I was massively surprised (in a good way) by the opener Cory Branan. After hearing he's on Bloodshot Records, I quickly changed to "Oh, that makes sense". Before his set was over, he also brought friend (and bassist/vocalist for Alkaline Trio) Dan Andriano on stage for a song. Pleasant curve ball. Also, I was told tonight was this new venue's third show. It's a pretty amazing and cozy setup. Highly recommendable.

There are a slew of other images available at http://totallystaugustine.com/ from the show, and in the future I'll be posting shots from a roll of film taken at the show (I'm particularly excited for those).


Justin Townes Earle through the trees