The fault is not in our stars.

After a bit of googling and inquiring with friends, I've discovered it's possible to blog via cellphone. Hopefully this means I'll be more active. Unfortunately, that also means these posts will be subject to bursts whimsy or whatever subject I'm currently obsessed with. 

Such as when I've decided to take a few test shots using the astrotracer function on the shiny new pentax k1. 


2 minute exposure. Butler beach, St. Augustine. Iso 100. 

2 minute exposure. Butler beach, St. Augustine. Iso 100. 

Lyrid's Meteor Shower/Earth Day

Last night I was alerted by a fellow Facebook user, that the comet Thatcher (who hasn't been around in a good while) 's dust trail/debri friends were going to be present in our atmosphere during Earth Day. If that sentence was too confusing, the Lyrid's Meteor Shower is currently streaking across our skies.  

Honestly not knowing too much about it, google let me know that around midnight it should be visible to we Floridians. So I set my camera's intervalometer, not expecting too much. Low and behold, along with the pretty nice (though minimal) meteor show, there were a perfect amount of clouds in the sky to give a faux Northern Lights styled video.

Check it out! An hour condensed to 15 seconds for your viewing pleasure. Meteors and clouds, Oh my!

Meteor Shower Video Link     <-----Click here.  
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